Mawgan's Cove

A busy and prosperous market town located on the Western coast of The Reach. It is currently held by the Larkwood family who govern from Larkhall up river from the cove. Its predominant trade (aside for trade itself) is fishing. Fishing has taken place near the town since its founding and has endured all the changes and hardships that have befallen the town (not that there have been many). The one road leading from the town winds its way up in to the hills surrounding the town, it’s prone to landslides that occasionally shut the road for a few days. The river that runs along side the town is the easiest way inland with few rapids and only a gentle current for the most part, though its banks are steep and rocky. The town itself is a maze of small streets twisting up and down hill between the densely packed houses that cling to the hillside in a limpet like fashion. Markets are held daily for fish but are often over and cleaned away by the time most people are sitting down to breakfast. Once a month the market place holds a large market for the traders from the Eastern and Summer Isles, which moor in Mawgan’s Cove to avoid the large fees charged in Lannisport. In the last year the landing jetties have been extended to cope with the increased numbers of ships, but there are plans to extend them further. A large Sept is built just off of the market square, which the current curator, Septon Gwain, claims was built by Saint Mawgan himself, though actually dates from less than a hundred years ago.

X hundred years ago Saint Mawgan is said to have walk, with a band of the faithful, to the cove, declared that the sea would be bountiful and bid his followers fish. It’s said that ten men caught ten tons that day alone, with nothing more than a few nets. Of course there are stories told by fish wives that really he built a raft or boat and sailed down the river. Some tales even tell of him sailing on ships from the Summer Isles and not actually founding the town at all, but instead claiming leadership of the cove by force of arms. Fifty years ago a Summer Islander even claimed he was descended from Saint Mawgan, declared himself Captain Mawgan and began selling rum. Captain Mawgan has not been seen in Mawgan’s Cove in more than twenty years, but his rum still arrives from time to time and quickly sells out.

The cove has been used a naval port in many sea battles and in less lawful times by pirates and smugglers as a safe port for it’s difficultly to be taken by land. While the town has no real walls, a few well placed archers’ towers and even a catapult these days, make the cove an easy place to defend by either the road or river. It is, however, somewhat harder to defend for a sea assault, with no towers, or other structures that a catapult could be mounded to, built to over look the sea. All of the battles that have won Mawgan’s Cove have come from the sea; this does not mean that all attacks from the sea have been successful. The annals of the history of Mawgan’s Cove talk of the market square running red with the blood of many invaders, as though the sea lets them land, from there on they have no other advantage.

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Mawgan's Cove

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