Rhaenyra Larkwood

Rhaenyra Larkwood
Titles/Nickames Ryna
Age 18
Profession/Position empty
Liege/Master Lord Owin Larkwood
Father Lord Owin Larkwood
Mother Lady Mayra Larkwood
Siblings Ser Martyn Flowers
empty Micka Larkwood
empty Annah Larkwood
Spouse None
Children None

Character Sheet


Rhaenyra was born the second eldest child of Lord Owin Larkwood, although his eldest legitimate child, born only a month after her half-brother Martyn. She was named in honour of Prince Rhaegar’s eldest child, both to celebrate the royal birth and as a mark of respect to the Dornish origin of both the Lady Mayra and Elia Martell.

Appearance, Personality and Public Knowledge

Rhaenyra is tall and surprisingly well-built under her feminine build. Her hair and skin are both darker than her mother’s, although her hair shares the same thick waves. She is undeniably beautiful, and clearly aware of the fact. She carries herself well, and dresses to show off her looks, though there is something of a cocky strut to her walk. Indeed, she looks equally at home in a simple shirt and Dornish riding breeches as in a brocade dress.

Even though she was raised in the Reach, Rhaenyra comes across as almost purely Dornish. She is confident and direct, and will always meet a man’s eye. She has no qualms about showing knowledge considered inappropriate for a woman in Westeros, and sometimes does so just to see the reaction. For all her forthrightness, though, she usually stops just short of actual insult or offence.

While Rhaenyra has visited some courts around Westeros, including numerous visits to her Aunt’s holdings in Dorne, she remains a resident at Lark Hall. It is not unheard of for a girl of her age to remain unmarried, though somewhat unusual that a girl of her beauty and her family’s wealth is still not betrothed. It is likely that a husband will be found for her soon.

Notable Gossip

Recent History

Rhaenyra Larkwood

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