Lord Owin Larkwood

Lord Owin Larkwood
Titles/Nickames Lord Larkwood of Lark Hall
Age 39
Profession/Position Head of House Larkwood
Liege/Master Lady Arwyn Oakheart
Father Lord Garrit Larkwood (Deceased)
Mother Lady Mirrem Larkwood
Siblings Ser Orien Larkwood
Spouse Lady Mayra Larkwood
Children Ser Martyn Flowers (Illegitimate)
empty Rhaenyra Larkwood
empty Micka Larkwood
empty Annah Larkwood

Character Sheet


Owin Larkwood was born the eldest son of Lord Garrit Larkwood, the head of the Larkwood family and Lord of Lark Hall, and his wife the Lady Mirrem. Owin was brought up in the standard fashion for a boy of his background, and showed a considerable talent for horsemanship and warfare from a young age. He squired under Ser Gillem the Just, and at the age of 17 was anointed as a Knight in the Sept at Highgarden.

Owin quickly established a name for himself on the tourney circuit, taking home the winner’s purse from more than one regional tournament. He made enough of a name for himself to secure a place at the infamous Tourney of Harrenhal, acquitting himself well in the lists against some of the most prominent men of his day. His performance brought him to the attention of Lord Avilus Gavane, a Dornish noble in search of a suitable husband for his younger daughter. Impressed by the young man’s galllantry in the Tourney, and eager to seek closer ties with the Reach, he arranged the betrothal of Owin to his daughter Mayra.

At the betrothal feast that followed the tournament, owing to the influence of his younger brother Orien and a substantial amount of wine in equal parts, Owin had an unwise tryst with Sendera, one of his betrothed’s Ladies in Waiting. Owin’s marriage began under frosty circumstances, as Sendera began showing signs of pregnancy shortly before Mayra. When confronted by this fact, Owin admitted his act of infidelity, and was grudgingly forgiven by his wife. The decision was made to raise Sendera’s child alongside Owin’s trueborn child, although Mayra insisted on Sendera’s exile back to Dorne. Martyn was the elder of the two, born to Sendera, followed only a month later by his trueborn daughter Rhaenyra.

Shortly after the birth of his children, and driven by a search for penance, Owin answered the call to join members of the Kingsguard in fighting the Kingswood Brotherhood. Noted for his skill in the tourney, his offer was gratefully received by the Kingsguard, and he rode amongst their heavy cavalry in the fighting. In the final battle, however, Owin took a blow with a pick that shattered his right hip. Although he recovered from the wound, he never regained full mobility, and sitting for any length of time caused considerable pain. His days as a Knight were effectively ended, and he was invalided back to Lark Hall. While it may have ended his career as a Knight, though, the slow recovery brought him closer to his wife, and his earlier indiscretion was fully forgiven, if not forgotten.

During Robert’s Rebellion, Owin remained at Lark Hall while Orien went to join the main Tyrell forces in defence of the King. His assumption of a peaceful war for him was shattered, though, when towards the end of the Rebellion Lannister banners were spotted on the border to the North. After news of Ser Arys Oakheart fighting on the side of Robert, Lord Crakehall declared that the Oakhearts were traitors and sent hs men to “confiscate their lands in the name of the King”. Owin rallied what men he could and, despite his injury, rode hard to meet the Lannister forces. By the time he met the Lannisters he knew he was too exhausted to fight a battle, and instead challenged the opposing commander, a Crakehall bannerman Lord Armond Sorbannon to single combat. Despite the pain he was suffering, Owin bested Armond and demanded the withdrawla of his troops. Armond agreed, and offered his second son as a ward in security for the deal.

Not long after Owin’s defence against the Lannister forces, the Rebellion came to an end, and while the Tyrells were on the losing side, House Larkwood did not suffer in defeat. Owin’s ride and the duel against Sorbannon had further aggravated his injury, however, and left him largely restricted to Lark Hall. A year after the Rebellion, Lord Garrit passed peacefully in his sleep; Owin inherited his land and titles, and has ruled as Lord Larkwood since.

Appearance, Personality and Public Knowledge

Owin is tall, and while he was powerfully built in his day, years of living with his injury have left him gaunt. He has honey-blond hair which is beginning to fade to gray, and piercing blue eyes set in an angular face. His expression is usually calm, bordering on severe. He dresses well, if not extravagantly. When he walks it is clear that he favours his left leg, though he never uses a cane in public.

Owinhas always been a serious-minded man, and is a firm believer in holding honour above all else. His one major lapse in this iron-willed determination only strengthened this, and he disapproves of frivolity and excess. He does feel true love towards his family, though – even his illegitimate son and his ward. His general demeanour and emotional distance make him seem cold and detached, though he most definitely has a great capacity for compassion under this.

Owin’s past glories are remembered, if not well-remembered, and those with a good knowledge of King Robert’s generation certainly know of him. Many speculate that he would have gone on to far greater things had his injury not prevented it. He is known as a fair and just, if not overly imaginative, Lord and a man of exceptional honour. Even the fair-handed treatment of his bastard son only enhances this reputation, as the lapse in honour that led to it appears as only a slight flaw exposing his humanity compared to his willingness to accept the responsibility for it.

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Lord Owin Larkwood

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