Lady Mayra Larkwood

Lady Mayra Larkwood
Titles/Nickames empty
Age 38
Profession/Position Wife of Lord Owin Larkwood
Liege/Master Lady Arwyn Oakheart
Father Lord Avilus Gavane (Deceased)
Mother Lady Esperan Gavane (Deceased)
Siblings Lady Lira Gavane
empty Lucan Gavane
empty Maester Titas
Spouse Lord Owin Larkwood
Children Rhaenyra Larkwood
empty Micka Larkwood
empty Annah Larkwood

Character Sheet


Mayra was the third child and second daughter born to Lord Avilus Gavane and his wife the Lady Esperan. She was raised in the Dornish town of Hope Springs, and although she was not the first-born child the possibility of her inheritance led to her having a more varied upbringing than if she had been born in the rest of Westeros. She never showed the flair or eagerness for statesmanship her elder sister exhibited, though. In truth, she always had a fondness for mainstream Westerosi culture, particulalry chivalric tales. She was perfectly content when her father announced that he would take her to the Tourney of Harrenhal in order to find her a husband.

Mayra greatly enjoyed her time at the tournament, her first extended stay outside of Dorne. She still felt a tie to the southern realm, though, and her enjoyment was that of an outsider. While in the following years she would become more accustomed to Westerosi life, a part of her would always remain in Dorne. While many gallant young knights at the tourney caught her eye, Mayra was eventually betrothed to the young Ser Owin, the heir to the small but well-established House Larkwood. She was pleased by this match to the handsome and noble Ser Owin, who was every inch the chivalrous knight of her dreams.

While her marriage to Ser Owin started happily, the honeymoon period came to a sharp end when it became clear that her lady-in-waiting Sendera was pregnant by her husband. Mayra was devastated by this betrayal, and exiled Sendera from her service. She was determined to stay by her husband’s side, though, as a reminder that she could abide by her wedding vows even if he could not. Their relationship was understandably cold, though. As a further reminder of this, she insisted that her husband recognise his bastard son, named Martyn, and raised him alongside their trueborn daughter Rhaenyra. Whatever resentment she felt towards her husband, she did not extend this to his natural son, and she did her best to act as a caring mother to him.

The couple were forced back into closer proximity during Ser Owin’s long recovery from the injury he suffered fighting the Kingswood bandits. Ser Owin could not put the distance between them he had before, and during this time Mayra began to realise that he truly regretted his actions, and the pair renewed their love for each other. Following their reconciliation, Mayra bore her husband a son, Micka, and a second daughter, Annah. From this point on her life was largely devoted to raising her family – her three natural children, Martyn, and also Lord Larkwood’s ward, Alarion. In addition to this, she takes an interest in the welfare of the smallfolk in her husband’s lands.

Appearance, Personality and Public Knowledge

Mayra has thick, wavy chestnut hair, dark eyes, and a tendency to tan all as a result of her Dornish heritage, although the effect is not as marked and exotic as other members of her family. With the passing years and three children, her figure is fuller than it once was, although she is as vivacious as she was when she first met her husband. She dresses well, carries herself confidently, and has a bright and easy smile.

Mayra is an affectionate woman, and her love for her children – both natural and adopted – is unmistakable. This extends out to the servants and smallfolk of Lark Hall and Mawgan’s Cove, and she is usually supportive and understanding of those under her. However, underneath she is made of true steel, unwilling to back down or compromise when she believes she is in the right. This is especially true when it comes to her husband – the pair have frequent, if minor, arguments.

Lady Larkwood is known as a gracious and attentive hostess, and is the heart of the family in a way that her husband isn’t. She is as likely to be found overseeing the preparation of meals in the kitchen, or wandering through the markets of Mawgan’s Cove, as she is sitting in state. She is also known to be a somewhat talented painter in addition to the more common arts of the noblewoman.

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Lady Mayra Larkwood

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