House Larkwood

Head of House: Lord Owin Larkwood

Heir: Micka Larkwood

Liege: Lady Arwyn Oakheart

House Seat: Lark Hall, Mawgan’s Cove

Words: “True hearts sing sweetest”


Ser Garrit of the Larkwood became the first Lord Larkwood in the immediate aftermath of Aegon’s Conquest. He was a sworn Knight pledged in defence of a sacred grove in a stretch of forest known as the Larkwood. When the armies of Aegon the Conqueror marched on the Larkwood, Ser Garrit rode out in defence of the Bower of the Seven. He presented himself before the general of the army, and declared that he would not stand before the army in the name of Lords and men, but if they wished to destroy the forest, he would throw down his life then and there in the name of the Seven. Ser Garrit’s piety so impressed the general that he was made a Lord, and given dominion over the Larkwood in perpetuity.

For over a century House Larkwood prospered, controlling a substantial swath of territory between the Oakhearts and the Lannister Houses to the North. The fortunes of House Larkwood took a sharp downturn, though, when Lord Lukas Larkwood was found committing “Acts most vile and sinful” in the Sept. The High Septon himself got involved, and Lord Lukas was stripped of his titles. His son was allowed to retain the family name, but it was decided that it was no longer appropriate for them to rule over the Larkwood. Lukas’ younger brother took the family name Bower, and ruled over their former territory from Chapel-in-the-Bower. The remaining branch of the Larkwood family relocated to their holdings in Mawgan’s Cove, and both branches of the family had to swear fealty to the Oakhearts now they had diminished in power.





Recent Events

House Statistics

Defence 20

Influence 39 (4)

Lands 28

Law 25

Population 36

Power 22

Wealth 44 (9)

House Larkwood

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