Dramatis Personae

House Larkwood

The Larkwood Family

Lord Owin Larkwood – Head of House Larkwood

Lady Mayra Larkwood – His Lady Wife

Micka Larkwood – Their son, Heir to House Larkwood

Rhaenyra Larkwood – Their Eldest Daughter

Annah Larkwood – Their Second Daughter

Sworn Swords, Squires and Servants

Ser Martyn Flowers – Baseborn son of Lord Owin, Sworn Sword to House Larkwood

Alarion Sorbannon – Ward of Lord Owin

Curt Algood – Master-at-Arms to House Larkwood

Alyn Algood – His youngest son, Squire to Ser Martyn

Dramatis Personae

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