Alarion Sorbannon

Alarion Sorbannon
Titles/Nickames empty
Age 16
Profession/Position Squire/Knight
empty Ward of House Larkwood
Liege/Master Lord Owin Larkwood
Father Lord Armond Sorbannon
Mother Lady Elanna Sorbannon
Siblings Ser Edmund Sorbannon
empty Jenna Sorbannon
Spouse None
Children None

Character Sheet

Personal Shield


Alarion was born to Lord Armond Sorbannon and Lady Elanna Sorbannon some 16 years ago. If his parentage was not entirely as advertised, certainly no one knew of it. His Mother, Lady Elanna, still an attractive woman today, was a rare beauty in her youth. A few years before the rebellion of Robert she and her husband had occasion to be visiting King’s Landing. There the mad king’s eye had fallen upon Lady Elanna. There was little she could do to deny him, but she could not face telling her husband. She has never told anyone about that incident. If Alarion’s hair is perhaps a bit lighter then that of his siblings, and his eyes have perhaps a little more of a violet tint to their blue then no one has noticed that – after all it is difficult to see without his family around him for comparison.

Of course, that has never been the case. He was given as a ward to Lord Owin when he was but two years old, in order to ensure peace on the TyrellLannister border. Lord Owin defeated Lord Armond in single combat during the rebellion, and took his second son as a ward to assure future good behaviour.

Alarion has since grown up with the Larkwoods, and has grown close to that family and house. Having been taken at the age of 2, he has no memory of his birth family. He considers himself a Larkwood in all but name, a fact that vexes him considerably. If he could shed his birth name and become a Larkwood for good, he would jump at the chance. However, the obvious course of action for joining the Larkwood family has not occurred to him, as he considers the Larkwood children his family, not potential spouses.

In his time at the Larkwood’s hall, he has become a useful part of the household. His skill at arms and open manner soon made him an ideal assistant to Curt Algood, the master at arms. He has learned all he can in technique with the sword and lance from Curt. He has recently put this skill to good use at a tournament at Old Oak. Despite being still a squire for Lord Owin, he entered the lists as a mystery knight. He acquitted himself extremely well, and became the champion. This was certainly the greatest achievement of his young life.

After returning triumphantly from this tournament he was quite popular in town. A local hero is something of note, after all. Perhaps it was his new found celebrity, but Mary, the harbourmaster’s daughter, became quite interested in him. Eventually one thing led to another. Alarion is not quite sure how to deal with this. He knows that there can be no future for him and a commoner, but he has never had to deal with a situation like this before.

He is hoping that he will be able to get away from Mawgan’s Cove for and make a name for himself, as he has already begun to do in Old Oak.

Appearance, Personality and Public Knowledge

Alarion is a tall young man, about 6 feet. He has an athletic build and is clearly no stranger to the sword. He is well muscled and very fit. He has very light ash blond hair and blue eyes, with perhaps the slightest tinge of violet. He has strong features, with the a hint of stubble beginning to appear along his jawline and chin. He is quite attractive, but given more to stern expressions then smiling, perhaps spoiling the effect a little. He has a scar beginning just above his left eye and running up across his forehead, up to his hairline. It was caused when a sword point slid of the top of his shield during practice. Fortunately it was a clean cut and it healed well. He keeps his hair cut short, which makes it stand up on the top of his head.

Alarion is generally a kind and understanding person. He is fiercely loyal to his adopted family, with which he has grown up. He remembers little to nothing of his birth family. While the Larkwoods have made every effort to make him feel welcome, sometimes he cannot help but feel an outsider. He is quite easygoing. He considers himself to be a honourable man, and few would disagree – but then his honour has not been tested much yet. There have been occasions where he has lost his temper – questioning his position and situation in the Larkwood family is a sure-fire way to set him off, as is insulting his adopted family. Most of the time, however, he is friendly and easy to get along with.

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Alarion Sorbannon

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