Micka Larkwood

A bookish sort, very aware of whats going on around him and really good with coin. Has inherited his fathers reluctance to lie, and sence of right and wrong, but has consistantly failed to live up to his expectations with the sword.


Young Adult Male

Born 282(?) A.L.

Abilities: Agility 2, Animal Handling 3, Athletics 2, Awareness 4 (Empathy 1), Cunning 4, Deception 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 3, Knowledge 3 (Education 1), Healing 2, Marksmanship 3, Persuasion 3 (Charm 1, Seduce 1, Convince 1), Status 5 (Stewardship 1), Survival 3, Thievery 1, Warfare 3, Will 3.

Qualities: Head for numbers, Heir, Keen scenes

Drawbacks: Honour bound

Destiny Points: 3

Perception 20

Intrigue Defense 13; Composure

Combat Defense 8;

AR 9

Health 6

Equipment: Half-plate (for tourneys), Courser (called “Milky”), Longsword, Hunting Bow, Boar spear, Shield, Soft Leathers (for hunting and travelling), 500ss worth of wardrobe and accessories (so as to not stand out at court).


First son of Lord and Lady Larkwood, Heir to the Larkwood family holdings.

The funeral held in honour of the death of Cale and Devin Oakheart is one of Micka’s first tangible memorizes. In a number of firsts, he had ridden Milky all the way to and from Oak Hall without help. Although he had been given Milky years previous, he had only ridden with his mother or led by his brother. The largest part of The Reach had turned out for the funeral, after Lord Oakheart had invited all the nobles he could. It was said that it was one of the largest funerals Westeros had seen in a long time, but the enormity of it had been lost on Micka. There was a small tourney, though much more somber then any other he’d been to. It was here he first remembers meeting Keris Oakheart. They had played together along with his brothers and sisters, and some of the other children, when she had not been expected at an official appearance. Micka had enjoyed her company then and later on other official visits to his fathers liege, but he had never felt anything for Keris. His sisters tried to tease him about her, but never rose to it.

It was at about the age of thirteen that Micka overheard a conversation he was never meant to. The Larkwoods had returned from a minor tournament at which his older brothers, Ser Martyn Flowers and Alarion Sorbannon, had acquitted themselves well and ranked highly. Micka, on the hand, had fallen off of Milky under the weight of his armour unceremoniously before even being hit by a lance. He hadn’t cared too much about this, it was a little embarrassing, but he took it in good humour. His father however, seemed to see things differently and made mention to his wife that at least one of his sons would make him proud. Lady Larkwood made him regret these words and one of their more blazing arguments erupted, but this did little to comfort Micka and he doubled his efforts in his training with Curt Algood. Even after the long hours he spent fighting with Alarion and running and riding with Alyn Algood, he has never been able to keep up with Martyn. This has led to an envy of his brother that he has trouble hiding.

The Larkwoods have never had a Maester, but their children were taught to read and write at the Mawgan’s Cove Sept. While Alarion was an indifferent student and often impatient, both Martyn and Micka excelled, and although taught separately, Annah was never far behind. When Benrick Doughdain (sp?) (Lord Larkwood’s Master-of-the-hall: Chief butler, head of serving staff and accountant), past away, Owin was forced to take over the finacial running of the houses incomes and expenditures. Having shown an interest and flare for matters of money, Micka soon started to help his father with this chore and in the year that Micka has now been doing the books on his own, the Larkwood coffers have increased in size dramatically. (I haven’t cleared this paragraph with Dave, so it might change or be cut altogether).

The first, and so far only, time Micka used his position in public life was one he’d sooner forget. He had been strolling through the Mawgan’s Cove market admiring foreign wares destine for the great Lanister markets, when he noticed a man steal a traders purse. After a brief chase, a guard on duty in the market, with Micka’s help, cornered the man and arrested him. A cheer went up from the crowd as he was hauled back in front of the trader and the money returned, but the joy quickly turned sour as Micka took it upon himself to punish the man in place of his father. Before the guard could take the thief away, Micka declared that it was his family‚Äôs duty to enforce the law and the punishment for his crime was to lose his hand. A stunned crowd looked on as he force the thief’s hand flat onto the trader’s table, drew his sword and cut the thief’s hand off. With hindsight, Micka would admit this was rash and impulsive but never give reasons for his actions as other than that it was his duty to punish criminals. Only to himself would he admit he motivated by a memory of self hatred triggered by this thief. Larkhall was broken into in Micka’s youth, thieves managing to wake him by accidentally coming into his room. With a simple gesture Micka understood what would happen if made a sound, but fear had already grasped him and he had frozen anyway. The thieves made away with a large haul, and Micka never told anyone that he had been awoken by them. For a long time after he wished he had done something to stop them and he came to loathe his cowardice.

Micka likes nothing more and going hunting with his closest friend Ayln and older sister, Rhaenyra “Ryna” Larkwood, but he knows that one person in House Larkwood he will need help from when he is Lord is his younger sister, Annah Larkwood. While they rarely see eye to eye on anything, when they do work together to achieve something, they are virtually unstoppable.

Micka Larkwood

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