Alarion Sorbannon

A tall young man, with ash blond hair and blue eyes. He is well muscled, and clearly no stranger to a sword.


Age Category: Young Adult

Agility III, Animal Handling III (Ride 1B), Athletics IIII (Strength 1B), Awareness III (Empathy 1B), Cunning III, Deception II, Endurance III, Fighting IIIII (Swords 2B, Spears 1B), Healing II, Language II, Knowledge II, Marksmanship II, Persuasion II, Status III, Stealth II, Survival II, Thievery II, Warfare II, Will III

Long Blade Fighter I, Sponsored, Blood of Heroes (Fighting)

Drawbacks: Touchy (Opponents add Cunning rank to Incite and Taunt actions)

Destiny: 3

Full Plate Armour, Longsword, Tourney Lance, Soft Leather Armour, Large Shield, Rounsey, 40ss of Clothing, 20ss


Ward to the house of Larkwood, he has no memory of his birth family. Ward from a young age, he now considers himself a Larkwood in all but name (and would dearly love the name too, though he realises that is unlikely to ever happen).

Alarion Sorbannon

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