Alyn Algood

Few would notice this tall youth's slight awkwardness, being distracted by his stunning good looks. His blonde hair strongly complements his kind brown eyes and ensures that he will never escape attention.


Young Adult Male

Born 282 A.L.

Abilities: Agility 3, Animal Handling 4 (Charm 1, Ride 1, Train 1), Athletics 4 (Strength 1), Awareness 3, Cunning 3, Endurance 3, Fighting 3 (Spears 1), Healing 3, Marksmanship 3, Persuasion 3, Survival 3 (Hunt 1), Will 3

Qualities: Attractive, Beastfriend, Blood of the Andals (Animal Handling)

Drawbacks: Flaw (Deception), Naive

Destiny Points: 4

Perception 12

Intrigue Defense 8; Composure 9

Combat Defense 10 (11 with buckler); AR 1

Health 9

Combat Equipment: Buckler, boar spear, courser (‘Valiant’), dagger, hunting bow, mace, padded armour, 1 gold dragon, 15 silver stags


Youngest son of Curt Algood, Master-at-Arms to House Larkwood.

Some people might say that Alyn was too good to be true, and in some ways, they would be right. Athletic, energetic, charismatic and infinitely cheerful, calm and friendly, Alyn seems somehow unreal. And indeed, he is. Sheltered from the grim truths that can be found in the wider world, Alyn’s demeanour surely cannot survive contact with reality. Yet for now, he seems almost perfect, his boundless good humour sure to grate on the more cynical of his fellow man. Even in his work, few faults can be found; Alyn is acutely aware of his duties and responsibilities, and is conscientious in carrying them out. If somebody tells him to improve his performance, he ungrudgingly increases his efforts. His greatest weakness is in understanding the effect that he has on others.

Alyn is utterly unaware of the adoring girls that always seem to be ‘fetching water’ in the practice yard when he undergoes his morning training, and has totally failed to notice that the number of young women he happens to bump into when running errands in town is surely too high to be coincidental. He is similarly oblivious to the dark looks he receives from a number of the town’s fathers, who still remember the depredations of his older brothers in years past. In part, it is unfortunate for Alyn that his temperament is so calm, for it has meant that he has never had to learn to control his anger. Beneath his placid exterior, there are a few things which can instantly drive him into a towering rage, with no thought for the consequences of his loss of composure. It can be hoped that should such a situation arise, he shall have good friends on hand to prevent events from spiraling out of control.

Alyn Algood

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