• Alarion Sorbannon

    Alarion Sorbannon

    A tall young man, with ash blond hair and blue eyes. He is well muscled, and clearly no stranger to a sword.
  • Alyn Algood

    Alyn Algood

    Few would notice this tall youth's slight awkwardness, being distracted by his stunning good looks. His blonde hair strongly complements his kind brown eyes and ensures that he will never escape attention.
  • Micka Larkwood

    Micka Larkwood

    A bookish sort, very aware of whats going on around him and really good with coin. Has inherited his fathers reluctance to lie, and sence of right and wrong, but has consistantly failed to live up to his expectations with the sword.
  • Ser Martyn Flowers

    Ser Martyn Flowers

    A young man of clearly Dornish descent, he carries himself with an easy grace both in and out of the saddle.